The Maltreatment of Bowe Bergdahl

Here is the American Way, or at least it used to be before extremist Republicans came on the scene:

Why now is this concept of justice for difficult for too many people to understand?

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Having been born in 1934, I've experienced the ups and downs of America's journey to date, through economic booms and busts. I'm grateful for the opportunities available to me enabling me to move up from poverty, therefore my wish is to provide the same or better for our youth. The problem is, I see us going in the other direction. Therefore, I wish to exert influence through writing and active participation to reverse this trend.
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7 Responses to The Maltreatment of Bowe Bergdahl

  1. Wilson says:

    These two links show just what a lynch mob the righties have become

    “During his time in Tampa as commander of U.S. Central Command, Marine Gen. James Mattis said he saw no evidence to confirm that Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, released in a prisoner swap last week, collaborated with his captors.

    “I have never seen one bit of verified or confirmed evidence of that,” Mattis said in a phone interview with The Tampa Tribune. “Not one bit. You hear things and it was second- and third-hand.”

    Other information “specifically discounted” reports that Bergdahl, captured by the Taliban in June 2009 after leaving his outpost in Afghanistan, was working with his captors, he said. Mattis declined to comment on what that information was because it remains classified.”

    “OK, I might as well post the link to this BREAKING BOMBSHELL SCOOP from the always reliable Fox News, but everything you really need to know about it is right there in the first paragraph:

    ‘U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl at one point during his captivity converted to Islam, fraternized openly with his captors and declared himself a “mujahid,” or warrior for Islam, according to secret documents prepared on the basis of a purported eyewitness account and obtained by Fox News‘”

    • Perry says:

      Anything Fox News purports is subject to confirmation at a later date when credible sources can be obtained and verified. Such is not the case to date. And by the way, Fox News has demonstrated over and over again that they are not a credible source, therefore automatically need to be fact checked.

  2. Why is it that I suspect you would have declared a similar graphic regarding George Zimmerman to have been racist?

    • Dana Pico says:

      Oh, I know our host would have done so!

      ALa of Blonde Sagacity asked “What if it wasn’t Bowe Bergdahl,” what if the captured soldier had been a completely honorable soldier, unquestionably doing his duty? That might have made the trade more palatable, but releasing five, five! top terrorsts, to come back to the battlefield and shoot at Americans again, might not have been a wise price to pay.

      • Perry says:

        I don’t think there is any doubt now that George Zimmerman is indeed a racist. Not only that, he has shown himself to have a wild temper with regard to his domestic behavior toward his wife. How much more of a loser can a man be?

        On the exchange for Bergdahl, we have a tradition of not leaving one of ours on the battlefield. Moreover, note well, this exchange was the same model the Israelis use. Haven’t heard you yet complain about that, Dana, so why complain about Obama’s action in this regard. Oh wait, this is Obama’s action. That explains your criticism, Dana; nothing else need be said!

        • Dana Pico says:

          I believe that the Israelis have made some foolish releases to get some of their people back, but that’s their business, and the business of the Israeli voters. What President Obama does is our business.

          I hope that we somehow secretly implanted some GPS marker chips in the released Taliban which will enable good drone attack strikes if they return to the battlefield.

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