Racism in America

An important message:

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Republican Exaggerations and Downright Lies

Voters need to keep these in mind when they go to vote in November:

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The Fallacies of Dogmatic Religions

All you religious people, please take 4 minutes to watch this:

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Problems Caused by the Radical Right

Jim Patnoudes wrote on facebook:

I feel like if a person is still identifying as Republican (or even worse, Tea Partier) at this point in the game, it’s due to a severe deficiency in the way that information is processed. It is a mindset which, for the most part, is utterly devoid of logic, reason, and empathy; one that is marked by extreme hypocrisy, without the capacity for higher levels of cognitive functioning. Entire campaigns have been devoted to indoctrinating the feeble minded among them to not only accept more pollution, lower wages, longer working hours, higher medical bills, lack of security in old age, and for profit education (even though we live in a world built on free and seemingly infinite information), but to actively cheer as they unwittingly watch the destruction of said achievements.

They are the party that talks to imaginary people in empty chairs. They are the party that has created it’s own version of math to make itself feel better. This party calls themselves fiscally responsible while tripling the national debt. They call themselves pro-life while beating the war drum and taking funding away from starving children. They cry “support the troops” while sending thousands of them to their deaths, and dismantling veterans programs.

If humanity does not advance through to the next century, it will be because of people like them.

Well stated Jim! I agree totally!

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Accountibility 101

Let us not forget the history prior to President Obama’s first term:

Today’s Republicans would prefer that we forget the calamity they committed upon their own country. So now, they expect us to give them back the Senate this November, and in 2016, reward them with the Presidency. If this happens, it is on the American people, who have not seen through the fog of right wing radio and Fox News, both of whom one could label well organized propaganda machines.

Folks, don’t let them get away with this!

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The Maltreatment of Bowe Bergdahl

Here is the American Way, or at least it used to be before extremist Republicans came on the scene:

Why now is this concept of justice for difficult for too many people to understand?

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“Phoney Anger” They Say

Yes, “phoney anger”, they say, in which case the “they” represent the extreme right wing of the Republican Party, otherwise known as the Tea Party.

These angry people represent the extremely negative mantra with which they have surrounded themselves, whereas indeed they are about as anti-American a faction which I have experienced in my lifetime which began in the Great Depression. Yet of course they view themselves as patriots. In this they deceive themselves.

Look at what they support:

* Majority control of the House of Representative, adamantly prohibiting the passage of any meaningful legislation;

* Over fifty separate votes to kill the affordable care law;

* Minority control of the Senate by engaging in the largest number of filibusters in the history of our nation;

* Deregulation to the point of generating our Great Recession;

* Favoring policies which have created the largest income inequality in the developed world;

* Creating voting restrictions at the state level aimed at disenfranchising minorities and the poor;

* Cutting program that disproportionately impact the poor, like food stamps;

* Disregarding the jobless by cutting unemployment insurance;

* Racist policies;

* Cuts to the education budget;

* Anti-union policies including right-to-work laws;

* Pro-universal gun ownership without restriction on weapon type;

* Abject and unadulterated hatred for President Obama.

The above is the tip of the iceberg.

Following are messages intended to make you think:

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Income Inequality in America

We Americans, before the upcoming mid-term election, face up to the worsening repercussions to our nation by the growing inequality in income and wealth. Senator Bernie Sanders articulates this very well, and our new Federal Reserve Chairwomen responds with uncharacteristic candor for one in her position:

In order to firm up their position in support of income inequality, we find that Republicans either out-and-out lie, or state opinions unsubstantiated by either fact or recent history. Look here:

What voter of right mind would for one second cast a vote in favor of a representative who consistently votes in favor of maintaining poverty level wages? Well there are plenty of them, all Republicans:

The XL pipeline, backed by mostly Republicans, will generate only about 35 permanent jobs, yet you would never know it judging by the pro-job arguments they give in support of it. Forget the potential for serious spills over the greatest underground reservoir in the country; forget the fact that tar sands oil is the dirtiest and most toxic; and forget that to capture the oil from the tar sands requires significantly energy than other recovery methods. The truth is that this is an ill-considered project and should be rejected for once and for all.

The demise of the unions over decades, nurtured by Republicans, has vastly reduced the bargaining power of American workers, a trend which has added to income inequality, a fact which only Republicans would dispute, falsely.

As usual, context is important. Here Paul Krugman gives the true context for the class warfare being conducted by the Republican party on behalf of their wealthy benefactors. Do the Koch brothers ring a bell for you?

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Telling the Real Truth Right Here

Jesus was a Socialist:

Jesus and Fox News:

What about gay marriage?

On bending the Constitution:

Really, who are the lazy people?

On House Republicans:

The minimum wage in perspective:

Yes, the truth does hurt. Isn’t it about time that we treat this pain? Vote Democratic in 2014!

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Can’t Argue With The Facts!

It’s as simple as this:

And this:

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And then we have the dysfunctional House of Representatives:

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And finally this:

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These facts speak for themselves about our modern outrageously cruel and evil Republican Party!

Addendum: And then we have this statement of truth:

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