The Worsening Impact of Income Inequality

This chart presents a very worrisome message for the United States:

Here, folks, is the current origin of the growing income/wealth inequality in our nation, where it can be seen that the top 0.01% own 10% of our total wealth. Moreover, adding it all up, the top 1% own 40% of our total national wealth.

Both economically and politically, this is unsustainable. Economically, unless the minimum wage is not raised substantially, rising costs of living will put more in poverty and depending on the government to subsist. Politically, the poor and lower income people increasing in numbers have potential power by virtue of the ballot, and will be more inclined to use it. There are limits to what radical Republicans can do to suppress the vote, so they are running out of time, or at least should be unless the Repubs find some more dirty tricks to pull.

Rising wealth/income inequality is a political time bomb. Is it possible that a violent revolution will occur in due time?

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Some Thoughts on the Near Future

Some thoughts on the near future:

I believe we have become complacent. Beginning with the end of WWII we now have had about three generations who have lived through a bustling economy with only a few short downturns, Even with the Great Recession, there has been enough growth, albeit slow, which gives a majority of Americans hope. With all this, very few of us vote. We assume we are going to be OK. Due to extremely clever messaging by the GOP, many folks blame Obama and the Dems for the problems we do have. Due to the likes of Fox News and the Limbaugh hater types. there is not an effective counter message getting through to enough people. Add all this to the fact that the Supreme Court’s abetting the use of tons campaign dark money and voter suppression, and you have a repressive, loud-mouthed, corrupted political party, the Republicans, on the verge of taking over our Congress, thus guaranteeing two more years of dysfunction. Will we be able to return power to the people in 2016. I have very serious doubts that we can, mainly due to the inability to overturn the power of the US Supreme Court in time for reform.

Obama woke up the nation, but times were different then – dire – as the economy was starting to crash. Now, the economy is not dire, there is no Obama so to speak, and the Supreme Court has enabled the Republicans to dominate with black money and voter suppression. Please explain to me how this will change in the short term, that is, until the Supreme Court Extremists leave the Court? The GOP has won the battle for now! The only hope for the Dems is to get out the vote. I don’t see that happening right now or in 2016, unless someone comes galloping in on a white horse.

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Right Wing Hatred

You don’t have to go far to experience the hatred and extremism of the GOP. Take for example The First Street Journal and some of the recent remarks made:

From Hoagie:

Very funny, Dana. How could Perry have posted anything new when he’s a one trick pony and hasn’t had a new thought or idea in fifty years. He’s a lost flower child, trapped in the 60′s full of hate for any American who is not a subversive. The less he posts the better off the entire world is. He just posts the same crap over and over anyway. He’s like a dude in a movie I saw, the guy was a nut case who sat there listening to Puttin’ on the Ritz” over and over.

More from Hoagie:

With Ebola now in Texas and perhaps Hawaii and tuberculosis in Texas, it seems Obama’s dream of turning the American Republic into a third world Marxist state is now complete with third world terrorists, third world “refugees” in the form of illegals and third world diseases. If he can figure out how to re-introduce Polio and small pox he will run for a third term.

The Obama trifecta. Gotta love the man’s dedication. He said he would “fundamentally transform” America and I’ll be damned if he didn’t.

From Yorkshire:

Bend Over Chelsea, we have a line of whoremoan Therapists named BUBBA.

Sad but true. These folks ought to know better, but they have permitted themselves to be swallowed up into the sea of right wing hatred and extremism. What I chose to show above, is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

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American Campaign Hash

It’s been a month or so since I last posted here, as I have been busy expressing my views elsewhere with some folks who are willing to have a discussion and debate without all the hatred exhibited on the likes of Patterico and The First Street Journal. However, I will return here from time to time to make a statement. Here is one which summarizes the god-awful behavior of the Koch brothers, you know, the ones who desire to subvert our democratic institutions and replace them with an oligarchy, strongly supported by the extremists who constitute a majority of our lock-step GOP:

This pretty much says it all about these anarchists, who represent all that is wrong with the GOP, in my view.

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Racism in America

An important message:

length =

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Republican Exaggerations and Downright Lies

Voters need to keep these in mind when they go to vote in November:

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The Fallacies of Dogmatic Religions

All you religious people, please take 4 minutes to watch this:

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Problems Caused by the Radical Right

Jim Patnoudes wrote on facebook:

I feel like if a person is still identifying as Republican (or even worse, Tea Partier) at this point in the game, it’s due to a severe deficiency in the way that information is processed. It is a mindset which, for the most part, is utterly devoid of logic, reason, and empathy; one that is marked by extreme hypocrisy, without the capacity for higher levels of cognitive functioning. Entire campaigns have been devoted to indoctrinating the feeble minded among them to not only accept more pollution, lower wages, longer working hours, higher medical bills, lack of security in old age, and for profit education (even though we live in a world built on free and seemingly infinite information), but to actively cheer as they unwittingly watch the destruction of said achievements.

They are the party that talks to imaginary people in empty chairs. They are the party that has created it’s own version of math to make itself feel better. This party calls themselves fiscally responsible while tripling the national debt. They call themselves pro-life while beating the war drum and taking funding away from starving children. They cry “support the troops” while sending thousands of them to their deaths, and dismantling veterans programs.

If humanity does not advance through to the next century, it will be because of people like them.

Well stated Jim! I agree totally!

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Accountibility 101

Let us not forget the history prior to President Obama’s first term:

Today’s Republicans would prefer that we forget the calamity they committed upon their own country. So now, they expect us to give them back the Senate this November, and in 2016, reward them with the Presidency. If this happens, it is on the American people, who have not seen through the fog of right wing radio and Fox News, both of whom one could label well organized propaganda machines.

Folks, don’t let them get away with this!

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The Maltreatment of Bowe Bergdahl

Here is the American Way, or at least it used to be before extremist Republicans came on the scene:

Why now is this concept of justice for difficult for too many people to understand?

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